Friday, November 2, 2007

Sotuta de Peon Day Trip

This particular outing involved, once again, my adopted Canadians. While originally conceived as a day trip to Celestun to see flamingos, the possibility of the pink birds not actually being out in full force convinced them to accept my alternate recommendation: the Sotuta de Peon hacienda experience.

For those of you who have read NotTheNews, you know what Sotuta de Peon is all about. For those not in the know, you should read up on it and make your reservations soon.

I picked up the party at 8:30 in Uaymitun and we headed out to the hacienda via Merida. I had made reservations for the 10:00 am tour and we made it in time for a bathroom stop and a look at the sheep before the tour started.

Everyone seemed happy with the tour since it has something for everyone:
  • the social/historical aspect with a look at how the hacienda owners lived with a tour of the house;
  • the technical/historial aspect upon seeing how the henequen or sisal rope is made 'from scratch' by hand and by machine;
  • the historical/anthropological aspect when you visit with Don Antonio, the Mayan man who explains to you, in Maya, how people live(d) traditionally in their palapas;
  • the child in you when you get to splash in a refreshing underground cenote.
There is really something for all age groups!

Afterwards, they decided not to have lunch at the hacienda's good Yucatecan restaurant, opting instead to head back out to Progreso for a late seafood lunch which we finished in time to have them back at their beach house in Uaymitun for the sunset at 4:30 pm.

This was a full-day trip!