Saturday, October 20, 2007

Introduction Part One - Driving the Yucatan with William Lawson

Jerry Seinfeld said that only a male mind could conceive of going all the way to the moon and then getting out the car built specially for driving on the moon and just 'driving around'. Most of us do; I know I like to just get in the car and if it is a different route from the daily routine, my mind wakes right up.

However, there are people - especially when they are on a trip and even more especially when they think of driving in Mexico - that are hesitant about getting behind the wheel. Their main concern seems to be mostly regarding other (Mexican) drivers and the quality of the roads, followed by fear of traffic cops and "bandidos" (really, someone told me this), and finally the possible ripoffs involved in renting a car and or the time and hassle involved in travelling by bus.

This is where I come in. I figured that after living in the Yucatan for about 20 years of my existence, I knew a little about the local culture and mindset and that, combined with my love of driving around (see Jerry's comments above) would enable me to provide a unique service to some travellers who wanted a glimpse inside the Yucatecan lifestyle, provided by someone who also had a complete understanding of where they were coming from.

So I started Lawson's Driving Service. The idea is not to replace any particular form of transportation but to provide a combination of insight and answers to all those questions you might have (ok most of them), while getting a ride somewhere.

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