Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chichen Itza Day Trip

Remember those cool Canadians from the previous post? Well, they called me back and this time they wanted to have a look at one of the New Seven Wonders, Chichen Itza. To avoid as many sunburnt, dead-eyed and hung-over gringos from Cancun as possible, I suggested a Saturday outing since this when a lot of tourists leave and arrive in Cancun, and to leave Merida as early as possible.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we left their beach rental in Uaymitun at 7 am, along with a cooler with ice cold Modelo beer and thermos of hot, strong coffee, to arrive at the entrance to Chichen just after 9, where we found an empty but open restaurant. Although they were getting ready for lunch service, the obviously entrepeneurial lady in charge said yes to my request for some eggs and longaniza, Valladolid's famous version of the spanish chorizo.

With our batteries recharged by the delicious scrambled eggs, strong hot coffee and Coca Cola, I left them to explore Chichen Itza. After about half an hour, I decided, what the hell, and went in also. The absolutely wonderful thing about being in Chichen at this early hour was that it was empty and the pesky souvenir salesmen ("my fren my fren") are for the most part still setting up shop. I got some great pictures of the Castillo pyramid, with almost no humans in the photo!

At about 1pm, they called me on the Lawson Brick - aka ancient cell - phone provided to them to let me know they were on the way out.

After a frosty Modelo from the cooler, we were on the road to lunch in Valladolid, 40 kms away. But first, a stop at the cenote in Dzitnup, where we were accosted by many little children with embroidered handkerchiefs pleading "hanky hanky only 10 pesos". The cenote was beautiful and we took some photos in the darkened cave. Also at the cenote, up top, I made my guests try fresh chilled coconut water and to suck on 'chinas' like real Yucatecans.

Then lunch at that little palapa roof place a block from the San Bernadino convent in downtown Valladolid. A spendid lunch was had, the waiter suggested bringing a little of everything which he proceeded to do - everything from papadzules to poc chuc to pollo pibil. And these Canadians seemed to enjoy it all! There is nothing more disheartening than a finicky eater, especially with Yucatecan food being so different and exotic. So it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and eating to the point of exploding.

From Valladolid, we headed non-stop back to Merida, where we made a visit to Costco to restock the beach house bar which was running dangerously low on spirits...

We finished our day at 9:30 or so in the evening, after a full day of exploring the Yucatan!

This was a full day trip.

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  1. hola Rolf
    one of your adopted canucks reporting in

    the day trip to chichen Itza wa a great day for myself.Being able to wander around the ruins was a step back in time for me and the little princess . you out did yourself this day and the cold beer at the end was great .Thanks buddy


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