Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Airport Pickup

Last week I had the opportunity to get to know some laid back, cool Canadians from beautiful downtown Surrey, BC, who contacted me to arrange for an airport pickup. They wanted an english speaking driver to take them grocery shopping for supplies and then on to their rented beach house.

This was quite fun, in spite of being so mundane. I guess it was the fact that the two couples were just so relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

From the airport, we drove via periferico - as opposed to the scenic Avenida Itzaes route - to Sam's Club, where they were able to use my membership card to get their supply of bulk basics. Then we stopped at Chedraui (formerly Carrefour) next door for vegetable and few other basics like real PEANUT BUTTER and we were off.

The beach house looked great except for one tiny little detail: the owner had not let the caretaker/fisherman know that the house was rented, so he was out fishing! I explained the situation to his wife (no English) and then to the Canadians (no Spanish) and she quickly had the place clean, swept and mopped, had pulled out and arranged beach furniture from storage in the house and filled the small pool out front.

Once they were more or less settled, I made a run into nearby Chicxulub for charcoal briquets, mosquito repellent and credit for an old Nokia cellphone that I left them so they could call me in the case of an emergency.

The whole experience worked out to about 3 hours.

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